World Record Attempt of 200 Sparring Rounds

10523733_724291990995304_1809490750121947604_nA Thai Boxer Mubz Bajwa is going to attempt Guinness World Record by doing non-stop 200 rounds of full contact Thai Boxing sparring. Those 200 rounds mean non-stop sparring of 13 hours and 20 minutes in which kicks to the head and foot sweeps are allowed. This enthusiastic attempt has never been made in the history before.

And what was the motivation behind this crazy attempt???????? The answer is he wanted to raise money for the sick children and people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mubz Bajwa is a Pakistani settled in UK. He is a Professional Thai Boxer and former British Title challenger. He has already achieved the goal of doing 150 rounds of thai boxing sparring earlier this year.

The event will took on December 13, 2014 place at K-Star Legacy Muay Thai Gym from 8 am to 9:20 pm. Mr. Bajwa will be sparring with many people on the event including two of the World Champions.

Donations from the event will go to Mary Stevens Hospice as well as Wipe Your Tears Charity. People can donate at and

You can see from the video below that he has been training hard for his upcoming event. PAK MMA wishes him all the best for his great efforts!

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