Controversy regarding Shah “No Pain” Hussains fight emerges

Recently it was posted that Pakistani fighter Shah “No Pain” Hussain lost a decision in his recent Oct. 24th bout in the UK. After getting a chance to discuss the details of the fight in turns out that on Oct.24th along with a controversial Machida-Rua decision Hussain also suffered a controversial loss although it was quite different in detail from the Machida-Rua situation.

Turns out that Hussain lost on a technicality. The fight was ended during round two when Hussain was poked in the eye requiring medics to make an examination whereupon they deemed him unfit to fight because he could not see anymore.

Oddly enough despite being not able to continue, the judges scored the bout based on only one round. Because his opponent was ahead on points during the one completed round the fight was awarded to Hussain’s opponent.

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan got a chance to talk to Hussain and got a blow by blow summary of the fight.

Round 1- “I attacked first with some heavy and snappy inside low kicks, Hamdan was looking to attack by constantly making out he was going for the shoot, but I knew he was doing so, so I would drop the hands and he could catch me with strikes. both of us were sizing each other out, and Hamdan caught me with a good left hook which immediately made my nose bleed, ref stopped fight to get the cut on my nose checked out by the medics, medics cleaned it up and gave the ok to carry on. strikes are landed from both of us and Hamdan goes down to an inside low kick, he claims to have been caught in the groin area, but I know it wasn’t that far deep, he falls to the floor claiming I have caught him in the groin area and gets some breathing time. He looked like he was gassed at that stage.”

Round 2- “Both of us are again sizing each other up at the start and again I go in with a round house kick followed by a high kick to which Hamdan blocks, I go for the shoot and take Hamdan down, in side control I control him well and keep a good strong base and punish him with strikes and hammer fists from side control. He reverses me, and from top headbutts me twice, my corner goes crazy and I look for the ref to make a statement, but the ref hasn’t seen it. I reverse him back and again strike from above. We both manage to scramble back stood up from the floor and I shoot and take him down once again but land with him on top, Hamdan throws elbows from above, (Ultimate Challenge UK- bar elbows from being used on the floor, due to fights getting stopped too early from the damage they cause) again ref doesn’t see as he is at different angle and I’m back in side control. From beneath me he tries to strike, but to no avail, as there is no power in his punches. He threw a few strikes and one of the strikes he came thumb first and then clinch a fist, too late as it caught me straight in the eye. I pull away in pain holding my eye and ref calls medics in, I cant keep my eye open and fight is stopped.

Obviously upset with the outcome Hussain summed up his feelings regarding the match

“I can deal with a loss no problem, but to have a loss like that, I just cant get over. As soon as I was back in my corner room, I demanded a re-match. I wont rest until I have that re-match. But for now i’m taking a week off as my left foot is swollen and I have swelling around the nose and eye area. Its back to training from next week onwards, and I cant wait for the next one…..

Just want to thank you all (Pakistani fans) and best wishes messages to Pak MMA – you guys are doing a great job!”



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