Grappling Session being arranged in KHI!

We are currently in the process of arranging informal grappling sessions in the KHI area. Please make note that these session will not have any sort of ranked or certified instructor. Rather these sessions will serve to get interested parties together to trade knowledge regarding grappling techniques as well as network for further sessions. Despite not having a certified instructor, sessions will be conducted and monitored by a Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan representative so that the sessions runs in as smooth and organized manner as possible for everyone’s benefit.

Please keep an eye out to the training section of this website. In the training section we will begin posting a step by step guide to learning the fundamentals of grappling. By keeping everyone on the same page, despite not having a trained instructor we are confident that the technical mastery of everyone who follows the website for updates on training will improve.

The first session will take place AFTER Nov 9th to give ample time for people to make plans get on the same page regarding what aspects of the grappling game to train. This is your chance to get together and start training. This is the opportunity to lay down any excuses as to why you can’t train because there is no training center and help each other out. Don’t wait for the martial arts revolution to come to you, be the revolution!

Here are some things to consider, anyone who is interested head to the discussion area on the facebook page and put in your thoughts regarding WHERE and WHEN training should take place. Should the training take place in a park? the beach? What time? Get together with fellow Karachites and share any information. Help each other out! let’s be brothers in this sport and help everyone grow.

Keep a look out for the first installment on the fundamentals of grappling in 1-2 days.



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