FiteSelektor tried coming to Pakistan for MMA show

This has been out for a while but decided it was worth sharing with the readers to give you some idea how big MMA is getting around the world and that there are already promotions looking to bring it to Pakistan and recruit Pakistani fighters.

Here is a press release from a Dubai based MMA promotion called “Fiteselektor.”

“Fiteselektor, the Dubai based Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event will start it’s FITESELEKTOR GLOBAL TALENT TOUR in January 2009 in Pakistan.
MMA is a spectacular combination of wrestling and full contact kickboxing techniques.
Fiteselektor is the only MMA concept in the world where the audience decides, by means of SMS voting, who is fighting whom.
Fiteselektor’s first port of call will be Pakistan, where over the course of January 2009 fighters will be recruited all over the country.
These fighters will be selected in a reality tv program where they will undergo gruelling MMA training while competing with each other. The Fiteselektor jury decides who will make it to the next round. The ultimate winner will be awarded a professional MMA contract as well as a considerable amount of money.
More details will be provided in the press conference, scheduled for mid December 2008 in Karachi, Pakistan.”

Based on very reliable sources close to MMA Pakistan, FiteSelektor was not able to find anyone in Pakistan to aid them in their search for fighters. MMA Pakistan’s website came online just three months after this press release. However, that is ok. Next time they come, and it will be sooner than later, we’ll be ready and waiting with fighters from Pakistan




  • <cite class="fn">Karin Minuit</cite>

    Fiteselektor recuruitment in Pakistan has been a huge success and is still ongoing. In close co-operation with national television channel PTV candidates have been identified to join the program which will be produced over the course of the months to come.

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