Schedule for the next 2 months!

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan is about to get very busy! We a lot of stuff planned over the next 8 weeks. Make sure to try and show up at any event you can and bring friends and family. If we don’t cover a city please let us know and we will try and include it on our tour. Please remember these are tentative dates. Nothing is finalized until we get feedback from fans on the ground. Remember Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan is YOU. You are going to make this happen. The fans and supporters of all Martial Arts are going to lead the way to a new stage in Pakistani sport. So, here are the tentative dates.

November 21st

Grappling session in Karachi – time and location to be announced

For those who want to get the most out of the seminars in Karachi it is highly recommended you attend these sessions!

December 1st

On Site Interview With Shah “No Pain” Hussain in London!

December 6th – 9th

Seminars in Lahore

Dec 9th – 12th

Seminars in Karachi

December 12th – Jan 3rd

Full time training in Lahore

Jan 3rd – 8th

Seminars in Islamabad

So that’s the basic idea of what will be going on for the next couple months




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