History of Pakistani Boxing

Boxing in Pakistan it a sport which refuses to wither away. While Pakistan lacks proper sporting facilities and equipment its boxers have still managed to reach top levels through sheer hard work and dedication. Pakistan’s boxing history is filled with many victories and potential for being even better. In the hwole of Pakistan there is not even a single gymnasium or indoor stadium of an international standard. Yet we still have some great boxers around who can become great MMA fighters.

Boxing in Pakistan was started in Karachi. 1 year after it’s birth A national boxing championship was held. Pakistani boxers have had some great victories in the Asian games. What was encouraging is that it seems that the quality of Pakistani pugilists has been increasing at a rapid rate as most of our victories have been achieved in the last 2 decades.

The first major victory for Pakistani boxers came in the form of the Pakistan Boxing Team winning the Asian Boxing Championship Manila in 1983. This was the kick-start that boxing here required and after this a stream of victories started to come. After this Pakistan managed to achieve its biggest victory yet when Pakistani boxer Hussain Shah managed to win the bronze medal at the Seoul Olympics 1988. This was Pakistan’s first and to date the only Olympic medal in boxing.

Pakistan’s best medal came in the Commonwealth games in Manchester 2000 when the Pakistani boxer Haider Ali won all the way to the top and grabbed the gold medal. Pakistan’s boxing team also accomplished an amazing feat when they won the Asian Boxing Champion ship held in Vietnam in 2003. Pakistani Boxer Noman Karim elevated his country’s boxing profile when he got the bronze medal in World Boxing Championship Moscow 2003. At the 18th commonwealth games Mehar Ullah won the silver medal in boxing.

Notice how the first victory was achieved in 1983 and from then on has only managed to become better and better. There have been many attempts to bring Pakistan’s boxing into the mainstream however it has failed to succeed. The reason is that Pakistan’s boxers are still not at the level where they could hold spectacular fights which people will be interested in watching. Among all these victories we have failed to create a boxer who would win constantly. A great sportsman is the best thing that can happen to a sport. Just look at Golf, it was not a very big sport but after Tiger Woods entered the scene golf has become much more common. We need a fighter, a star in boxing who will be able to enter the mainstream in Pakistan.

Another thing required is for there to be proper places to train boxers. Boxing is a glorious sport. It involves a lot of money and there have been many great movies made about it (The Rocky series being the most famous one). Once a proper training ground is established the people will come to train themselves. There also need to be much more amateur fights in Pakistan in order to polish the talent we have.

As of right now, there a few proper boxing gyms in Karachi, particularly in Lyari. These gyms have rings and bags. In Lahore, one gym which has a proper facility including rings and bags in Synergy Fitness Club.

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