Mixed Martial Arts Competition to be Held in Lahore

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan is happy to inform everyone that the very first MMA competition in Pakistan will be held on the 28th of February at the White Sports Club in Model Town. Details are currently being finalized but here is a breakdown of the current format in which the tournament is to be held.

– Competition will NOT be tournament format. Each fighter will fight only once in a match lasting 3 rounds of 3 minutes with one minute break in between.

– Fighters will be paired according to weight and experience. Weight classes are as follows:

1) 45-50 kg
2) 50-55 kg
3) 55-60 kg
4) 60-65 kg
5) 65-70 kg
6) 70-75 kg
7) 75-80 kg
8) 80-85 kg
9) 85-90 kg
10) 90+ kg

Experience will be noted as follows:

1-3 years – Novice
3-5 years – Intermediate
5 + years – Advanced

– Full MMA rules EXCEPT no elbows to the face. All other rules are the same as the UFC. Rules will be explained a number of times in details to fighters participating in the competition.

– Protective equipment will be provided and worn to include groin cup, MMA sparring gloves, Head guards and shin guards. Mouth piece is to be the responsibility of the fighter.

– There will be an entry fee of 200 rs. Entry fee will cover the costs of shirts given to fighters, medical personnel fees and refreshments.

– There will be a medically trained personnel in case of injury.

– All fighters above the age of 18 who participate will automatically be applied for Fite Selektor TV show selection.

– If a fight is not ended due to submission, TKO or KO and lasts the full 3 rounds then it will automatically be considered a draw due to a lack of knowledge regarding MMA judging at the moment. This will change in future events.

– Individuals can take part in the competition as part of a club, team or as an independent (no affiliation).

These are some of the main points so far. The last piece of information and critical to the success of this show is that in order to make match ups as fair as possible there will be trials held on 21st February, 12 pm at:

White Sports Club
E and F Block Model Town

Trials will help determine fighters skill levels in order to have the most competitive possible match ups. Those who attend trials will benefit from knowing who their opponent will be as well as have their picture and profile taken to be posted on the site.

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan looks forward to seeing you all there. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Anyone who would like to participate please email info@pak-mma.com we have received complaints that the email is not working and if you do not receive a reply within 24 hours please leave a comment with your email and we will respond immediately.





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