Pakistan show strong showing in Combat events

Pakistan took home gold medals in boxing, judo, wushu, karate and wrestling at the SAF 2010 games in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The total medal count for Pakistan was 19 gold, 25 silver and 36 bronze. This means that over 25% of Pakistan’s gold medals were in combat sporting events adding further evidence to the massive potential Pakistan has in churning out quality competitors for Mixed Martial Arts competition. Hopefully, in the coming months and years the same athletes that won gold at the SAF games in Dhaka can be earning decent pay days using their skills in international Mixed Martial Arts events. Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan would like to show it’s support to all athletes who participated in the SAF games.

Please remember to register for the upcoming MMA event “Pakistan Warrior Championship” and remember that trials and match ups are to take place on the 21st of February at White Sports Club, E and F block Model Town Lahore.

Please contact if you are interested in competing or if you have any other questions or suggestions.



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