MMA weekend recap in Pakistan

This weekend was a milestone for the growth of MMA in Pakistan. There were back to back events in the country for the first time ever. The first event, Shaheen Smoker, took place at Shaheen MMA Academy in Lahore, the second event was an 8 person MMA tournament in Gujar Khan organized by the Pakido Federation.

We may have some more in-depth blog postings about both of these contests later on this week. And for those reading this as it is first published, we will have video up on our Youtube channel and facebook fanpage by December 15th.

So first up, a recap of the Shaheen Smoker.

First of all a Shaheen Smoker is not any form of Championship nor the type of event where only the best of the best are invited to (or at least claims so). In fact it is quite the opposite.  The Shaheen Smoker is an open house at Shaheen Mixed Martial Arts Academy at S-13, Phase II DHA Lahore. It’s meant to give new students at Shaheen MMA a chance to test their skills in a more competitive environment than regular training against other clubs, each other or the general public. The main point of the smoker is giving people the chance to know what it is like to compete at 100% in a stressful environment (family and friends watching). The smoker also serves as a way for martial arts fans and fighting enthusiasts to come together in a laid back environment and get to know each other. Rules can be modified for individuals who do not wish use elbows or knees to the face. It is to give everyone a chance to compete without risking injury.

This particular smoker went very well in the sense that fighters not affiliated with any school showed up to fight. This was a first for Shaheen Smokers. Another great thing about this smoker was the number of people who showed up just to watch. It’s great to see a growing interest in MMA.

We’ll post more about the smoker in a few days with video.

The event organized by the Pakido Federation was held in Gujar Khan at Indus College. The event was possibly, more likely probably the most well organized MMA  event to be held in the country and the first event to have a title holder.

Fights took place on a 20 by 20 foot mat area, there was a sound system with a MC, seating for approximately 150 spectators all within a tented area.

Fights were some of the most technical seen in competitive MMA in Pakistan due to the fact that all students were readily familiar with MMA and were not simply students of a certain discipline with no working knowledge whatsoever of MMA. It simply shows the level of awareness that is growing amongst the Pakistani martial arts community.

Rules were Pride rules, allowing knees to the head of a grounded opponent, stomps and soccer kicks. Moves are banned from most MMA organizations but are still often utilized in Brazil and Japan.

The most memorable fight by far was the very first fight of the day, Muhammad Waqar from Shaheen MMA Academy, Lahore and Muhammad Ali from Jalil’s Martial Arts Academy. Due to the lack of judges this went two extra rounds and then was decided by weight. The lighter fighter would win. Muhammad Ali was 4 kilos lighter than Waqar and went on. There will be more about this highly disputed result in the post specific to the Pakido event.

Overall, great weekend for MMA in Pakistan. Look forward to bringing you all more.




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    Any Brazilian jiu-jitsu academies in Karachi? If so, I’d much appreciate their address & phone number, especially any Gracie-affiliates.

    Apologies for posting here. I can’t see any way to either post a new topic, or contact the site admin(s) directly.


    • <cite class="fn">admin</cite>

      Sorry nothing in Karachi. Particularly no BJJ. If you find anything let me know and I hope you have a basic understanding of BJJ if you come across any instructors since I am 100% confident there is no one qualified enough to run a BJJ academy in Karachi.

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    hello….my name is sabeeh ul hassan….i have one year experience of taekwondo…2 yearz of kungfu trained by a chinees and 2 yearz of muatthai and want to join mma…i live in multan plz guid me what to do….03464974079 plz guid me

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