Health Benefits of Boxing

Boxing has been a great health trend in West since now because it can dramatically improve your body physique and makes you healthy. Whether you are a professional boxer or only have interest in the sport as a recreation, boxing training can truly give you countless health benefits. It is one of the best weight loss programs which are effectively helping unlimited number of people to lose excess amount of weight in a short period of time. It is also a great cardiovascular activity which helps in keeping hearts healthy, body resistance better and also keeps us in a good mood. It works on our body as well as on our mind and that is what exercise is all about. The constant back and forth movement across the canvass, with feet dancing and swaying, and punching at the boxing bag, make boxing the best cardiovascular workout. There are other important benefits of boxing such as speed; as you progress with your training, you will soon gain speed. Resistance; your body will get resistant to sickness. And energy; you will find that you can last longer during training and feel more energetic which is a sure sign of truly getting fit. One other health benefit you can gain from boxing training is keeping your arms trim. After making a number of punches in different intervals of time, in few weeks you will begin to see some major improvements in your arms, which results in making you a much stronger individual.

Now, in Pakistan after getting influenced by the former WBA (Super) and IBF Light Welterweight champion Amir Khan, who has a Pakistani background, youth as well as old has increased a lot of interest in boxing. There are few proper boxing gyms in Karachi, particularly in Lyari which have rings and bags but Pakistan has its best Boxing gym in DHA Lahore known as “Synergy Mixed Martial Arts Academy”. It is an English medium fitness club which has a proper facility, latest and complete boxing equipment. In order to get the results that you need, a combination of different training methods are held at Synergy which proves it the number one Boxing club in DHA Lahore and in Pakistan too.

Boxing training classes are held at Synergy four days a week under an Asian Gold Medallist in Bangkok, Imran “Bobby” Aslam who brings more than a decade of experience in the field of boxing. “Bobby” hails from a family of boxers and his father is currently the head of the Punjab Boxing Association (PBA). “Bobby” himself is a registered certified coach and a referee who lead Punjab teams and members of Synergy to local Lahore Boxing tournaments as well as tournaments taking place all over Pakistan. He coaches necessary drills of boxing with an intense cardio workout.

At Synergy, boxing is fun and held in a family environment as no one need to get hurt because Synergy consists of the latest boxing kits and head gears which saves you from each and every kind of injury and everyone has its own choice whether to do sparring or just use the latest equipment facility to get in shape. The students of Synergy from good areas of Lahore with an educated background are also blessed with important life lessons on respect, discipline, confidence, and sense of accomplishment, and this makes Synergy the best Boxing Institute in DHA Lahore as well as in Pakistan.



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