PAKMMA manufacturing and custom MMA gear set to officially launch!

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan has been, along with training fighters and promoting the sport of MMA in Pakistan and South Asia in general, working with MMA gear manufacturing.

Who else in Pakistan is more qualified and knowledgeable about the sport and it’s equipment requirements than PAKMMA? Search the current manufacturers throughout the country (maybe even all throughout Asia!) and find one that trains in MMA…fights in MMA or even WATCHES MMA? You probably won’t, and if you ever do please let us know! (We would love to add them to our network)

Take PAKMMA’s equipment to quality, knowledge of the sport and its requirements and combine that with largest manufacturing base in the world for MMA gear, and you have yourself the world’s BEST producer for custom MMA gear.

Come end of September, PAKMMA’s manufacturing services for custom MMA gear will be fully operational. Just come back to this spot and download our catalog for 2012 and see what we have to offer vs the other guys.

Any and all start up fight gear brands out there and clubs that want to link up with suppliers that can be the key to whether or not they are going to make it in this industry we await your emails! Drop us a line at!

Stay Tuned.




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