PAKMMA partners with ONEFC

Although this has been known for quite some time within Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan. It has been officially announced publicly that ONEFC and PAKMMA are now official partners. On October 26th 2011, ONEFC announced that they had forged the largest MMA network in history. ONEFC has partnered with the top teams, promotion and organizations all across Asia  to form a giant network that is benefiting all. One of these teams and promotions is PAKMMA. What this means is that now PAKMMA has a direct route to the top fights all over Asia and for aspiring Pakistani fighters this is big news.

Victor Cui, CEO/Owner of ONE Fighting Championship, said, ”Our goal is to unify Asian MMA and to build the sport that we all love dearly. With today’s announcement, many of the top MMA organizations and gyms in Asia have joined hands. Given our current discussions with various parties, we will be announcing another 23 additional MMA organizations and gyms to the ONE FC Network in the coming days and weeks. These strong partnerships will help to accelerate the development of Asian fighters and the sport of MMA in the region. Asian fighters need platforms to gain invaluable experience and to showcase their skills to the world. If you are a ONE FC fighter, you will automatically be able to compete in the biggest MMA events across Asia within the ONE FC Network. If you are a sponsor, you will be able to leverage and target your sponsorship dollars across multiple platforms. If you are a fan, you will enjoy many more high quality MMA shows around Asia. Ultimately, as it continues to grow, the ONE FC Network will multiply in benefits for all parties involved.”

So guys get ready for more exciting news to come including WHO has been signed as well what this means for YOU.




  • <cite class="fn">Master Chen</cite>

    Its indeed a good news that PAK MMA is now partnered with ONE FC in Asia. I hope to see Pakistani fighters in the ONE FC Championships. Wish you good luck Bashir and your team. *masterchen*

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