PAKMMA Shin Guards

*Note: PAKMMA Shin guards are currently out of stock. If you would like to order some for yourself or gym or would like to make any other sort of custom MMA order please email

PAKMMA shin guards are some of our most popular items. These neoprene backed shin guards slide on and have a nice snug fit that makes them perfect for use during grappling/striking sparring. These things will not slip off and will not in the way of your MMA sparring! Two layers of foam on the front and instep protection means that even when you up the power in your sparring sessions your not gonna end up on the floor hurt with a busted shin, which is something very important for new fighters who have not yet conditioned their shins.

Sleek and stylish with absolute functionality PAKMMA neoprene backed shinguards are something that are a must have for any aspiring fighter.

If your interested in ordering these shin guards with your club or brands logo please email for ordering information.

Minimum order quantity of 10.

Current price: 25 US dollars per pair.

If interested in ordering any other type of training item to include BJJ gis, boxing gloves, MMA gloves we have those as well and can make them on order for your gym or your brand. Please contact us and see why we are the best option when buying in Pakistan and Asia PERIOD.

You can check out our catalog (work in progress) MMA EQUIPMENT IN PAKISTAN FROM PAKMMA



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