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Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan got to attend and cover the Shaheen Smoker at Shaheen MMA and Elite Fitness Academy in Defence Lahore. The fights were between members of Shaheen MMA and Haidery Karate Club who train in Kung Fu under grandmaster Khalil Ahmad. The fights were very competitive but it was Shaheen Academy’s knowledge of ground fighting which led them to victory in 6 fights and draws in 2. They suffered no losses despite having less experience and time training in the martial arts. Regardless Khalil Ahmad’s students showed tremendous will and heart and refused to give up til the last breath. With some education regarding some of the different facets of no holds barred fighting, this gym can become a contender on the Pakistani MMA scene.

In other news, Shaheen Academy is now fully functional and running. Construction is 95% done and we will have a video out for you soon, showing you the effort put into Shaheen Academy, which shows as it is a wonderful looking, training center.

Fite Selektor is rumored to be arriving in Pakistan within a month of publication of this post and once again all interested parties please contact us at
We know that it has been a long time since we first announced Fite Selektor (in fact it was 6 months ago) and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. We all know the unreliability of almost everything in Pakistan and it shows the great faith Pakistani MMA fans have in this organization for staying with us while we wait for Fite Selektor to finally come to fruition.

Finally, the next upcoming MMA event PWC II will be taking place in Islamabad next month. We will announce details as they arrive. We are currently looking for sponsors for the event so that we may guarantee a good show that is entertaining and beneficial to the fighters that compete in it.

Those interested in competing please email info@pak-mma.



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