Shah “No Pain” Hussain to be fighting September 11th in the UK

MMA Pakistan recently caught up with PAK MMA fighter Shah “No Pain” Hussain while training for his upcoming match up in England on the 11th of September. Although Shah was very busy he did have time to give us a few answers to our questions.

1. Your fight is going to be during Ramadan. How has that effected your training?

a) Yes my fight is not just going to be in ramadhan, but in the UK may fall on Eid day itself!! I kind of misjudged the timing of Ramadhan this year round and normally refrain from any kind of competition around this time of the year. But with the fight being on Sept 11th I have had to observe ramadhan on a part time basis. So training hasnt really been affected at all really.

2. Do you know who your opponent is? Anything you can tell us about him?

a) Yes my opponent is a guy called Ben Abbot who is fighting out of Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. I believe he has a stand up background in Muay Thai, thats all I know to be honest.

3. Have you made any changes to your training regimen for this upcoming bout?

a) I have seriously been working on my ground game, my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu both with Gi and without. Ive been training my no Gi BJJ with Przemyslaw Mysiala who is no1 ranked Light Heavy Weight in the UK at the moment at London Shootfighters and Im really enjoying the grappling element of MMA at the moment. Im even considering competing in some BJJ bouts in the near future!

Other than that Ive still been keeping up with my strength and conditioning, cardio and sparring with my team mates Denniston ‘mad max’ Sutherland and my coach David Lee. As its MMA and everything has to be worked on Im afraid!!

4. You will be donating 100% of your fight purse to the Pakistani flood victims, what motivated you to make such a sacrifice?

a) I decided to donate all my fight purse, ticket commission, sponsership money etc to the flood victims of Pakistan as firstly being Pakistani I felt a need to naturally do something, and it just broke my heart seeing pictures and videos on the News every day of the devastation caused by the monsoon, the death toll and on top of that it is the month of Ramadhan and for people going through all the suffering. Its just horrible to think that the world isnt doing enough for these people in desperate need at this moment in time. My prayers and thoughts go to all those affected and involved. God is great and I hope he shows mercy upon those affected. On Sept 11th I shall be fighting for all those victims.

5. Will Pakistani fans be able to watch the fight anyway?

a) Yes Pakistani fans will be able to watch the fight on under the fighting section it will be broadcasted usually a couple of weeks after the show on Sky digital channel 281 (The active channel) formerly known as LA Muscle TV

I am also fighting on the 25th of September on a big show called BAMMA 4 which will highlight Alex Reid Vs Tom Watson.

Im fighting on the undercard slot and against a guy called Tom Breese who is making his Pro debut after a successful 8-0-0 at semi pro, so hard work will continue after Kayo MMA on the 11th, no rest for me!!

BAMMA 4 will be shown a week after the show on Bravo channel on sky digital and hopefully they may show the fight.

Other than that, I’ll probably do a training camp out in the USA or in Thailand end of year / early next year and to just keep training and improving.

I also want to give my congratulations to PAK MMA and Shaheen MMA Academy for getting a good spread in last months Fighters Only magazine (I have my copy) and was so pleased to see the article on the rise of MMA in Pakistan and with the mention of future stars. This definately has made an impression on people over here in the UK as a few people had mentioned it to me and were surprised that MMA was actually taking off in Pakistan.

MMA in Pakistan may be a new entity, but I dont think, I KNOW that a Pakistani will be up there and amongst the very best in the world in the future. Just keep training folks and spread the word….



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