The beginning of Pakistan’s FIRST MMA Team

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan is pleased to announce that an MMA Academy, to be called Shaheen MMA “Mixed Martial Arts and Elite Fitness” is currently under construction in Defence Area, Lahore, Pakistan.

Shaheen MMA Academy will be home to Pakistan’s FIRST legitimate MMA team. The fight team has already been training for 2 months and will now be shifting into a public facility in Defence, Lahore.

Shaheen MMA will be a fully functional MMA center, with a 5 rope MMA boxing ring, imported mats for grappling, an array of punching bags and will also have martial arts and fighting equipment for sale as well as nutritional supplements.

Shaheen MMA is still under construction and will not be fully functional for at least 6 weeks. Shaheen MMA Academy will be open for all students ranging from beginners to full time professionals. Currently Shaheen MMA has a full range of training equipment such as imported Thai Pads, Boxing Gloves and Focus Mitts and is having the boxing ring installed, which should be ready in about 2 weeks.

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan will keep you updated in regards to the progress of the gym as we receive the latest news. We will try and get some pictures of the facility as soon as they are available so that the Pakistani Martial Arts community can watch step by step MMA history in the making.

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