The Problem with Martial Arts in Pakistan

As MMA is growing in popularity all over the world it is also picking up here in Pakistan. More and more people have started watching UFC fights and now want to train to be able to fight like that. Academies and federations are being formed in order to further this sport. However there are some problems which are holding MMA and martial arts back in Pakistan. There is too much politics and many people are just getting into MMA for their own motives.

The main problem is that everyone is trying to get the power themselves. Instead of having a united front or federation which would cover all the fighters and further the cause of MMA in Pakistan everyone is instead opting to create their own federation. This is a big problem because MMA is not very popular in Pakistan yet. However if there was one big federation it will have enough power to actually matter and hold MMA events that would attract fighters and the audience. But due to their being many small organizations none of these have any power and are unable to do anything which matters.

Another problem is the people who are taking advantage of the rise of martial arts in Pakistan. These people know that since this field is becoming more relevant there are going to be more events. These people waste the government money by going on international tours. All they are good for is for having their pictures taken with officials from other countries. Their motive is not to increase the exposure of MMA in Pakistan but to just get to fly around the world and be guests at the expense of martial arts. People need to stop relying on government handouts and instead do something for themselves. This is not a problem; MMA is a very profitable sport and can attract large audiences. It does not require any help from the government. It just needs some serious fighters and good marketing to gain a foothold in Pakistan.

There are also some people who claim to know about MMA because they have certifications from many places. MMA is not about certifications, it is about knowing how to defend oneself and how to fight properly. These people never get into a ring and prove their skills; they just claim to know things due to their certifications. Infact there are even some people who claim to have PHDs in martial arts. Which university did they get the PHD from? People need to wise up. We cannot trust such people who claim to have lots of certifications. People need to ask questions. Ask your instructor about how much they know and where they learnt to fight MMA style. You should not be afraid to ask questions, if you are training under someone you need to make sure that they themselves know what they are supposed to teach you. See how the instructors fight and make sure they have some experience in order to avoid getting burned by a scammer or an inexperienced teacher.

If you are interested in learning MMA and want to at least want to know that your instructor is knowledgeable about MMA, we suggest you do some research before hand and test your instructor and see if he knows what he is talking about. We have attached some links here for you to check out and get some knowledge.

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