Pakistan Warrior Challenge 2 Officially Announced! (updated)

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan is proud to announce that Pakistan Warrior Challenge 2 is to be held April 17th in Lahore Pakistan at Shaheen MMA Academy.

Here are the following details, more details will be updated as they come in.

This particular event will be a small, exclusive event. Approximately 50 people maximum, including fighters and coaches will be allowed to attend the event.

For those who wish to come spectate we will announce further information regarding ticketing. To get an idea of how many people will attend please email if you are interested in attending.

Rules will be same as before, except the those watching will be subject to certain codes of conduct to ensure that their behavior is not distracting to the athletes and event coordinators.

Those who wish to compete please send an email to or call 0334 413 7706.

More updates to come!

*Updated April 4th – Event will be held from 3 pm to 7 pm.




  • <cite class="fn">Mansoor</cite>

    Please do let me know who will be competing togather. In April. Looking forward to hear from you…

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