Things to consider when looking for a Martial Arts Academy in Pakistan

If the recent rise of MMA (mixed martial arts) sports such as UFC has made you interested in learning martial arts then you should join a martial arts academy in Pakistan. However keep in mind that there are some things which you should consider before joining a martial arts academy. There are many academies which claim to give you proper training even though they do not have the required equipment.

The thing is that the usual mentality of just making things work without having proper facilities does not apply to the world of MMA. The reason is that in order to learn proper martial arts you will have to learn how to fall and how to manage yourself properly in a MMA match. This is similar to playing cricket in a street versus playing in a stadium. No matter how good you become playing in a street you cannot become professional because you will not be used to the way the game is played in a stadium. Just like this in MMA it is also important to play on mats and inside a ring.

It is important to play on mats because you need to learn what to do if you fall. Anyone who has seen an MMA match knows that many strategies involve grabbing your opponent and knocking them down to the floor. But if the academy has no mats then the players will get hurt when they fall. This will make them afraid of falling and thus they will not be able to train themselves properly for a scenario where they may fall down or have to knock down an opponent. When you are training on a mat you do not worry about getting hurt and this makes you fight freely.

Playing in a ring is also very important. But some of the institutes which claim to be the top academy for martial arts do not have this facility. The reason it is important to train on a ring is that this will make you used to the perimeter and borders of the fight. The ropes also stop you from running away from a fight and help you in learning to properly defend yourself. Currently Shaheen Academy is the only institute in Pakistan which has a ring for martial arts.

Before taking admission in a place remember to inquire about all these things and any other question you may have in your mind. Remember that you should not be afraid or ashamed to ask questions. Not only are you going to pay them you will also spend your time there. If the place lacks the proper equipment then not only will your money be wasted but all the time and efforts you spend there will also be wasted. If you want to be a good martial artist then you need to learn in a proper place which takes MMA seriously. Make sure the instructor knows what they are doing and can make you a good MMA fighter.




  • <cite class="fn">Syed Muhammad Ayaz</cite>

    Dear Sir,
    As-salaam-o-alaikum, I am a 21 yrs old male who wants have some action in life as it is growing very very slow. I wish to find a gym in which I can find that action in Abbottabad, Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa. I am currently working out in the house of fitness gym in Jadoon plaza phase-2. as it is a fitness gym so there is no action here and my brother who I used to Wrestle with is busy studying in Lahore. So, kindly please send me an address or a place where I can get some action in my free time.
    Thank you for your help and time.
    Syed Muhammad Ayaz.

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