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It has been three months since Shaheen MMA Academy has been up in running in Lahore, Pakistan. As Pakistan’s first dedicated MMA gym, Shaheen MMA Academy has gotten a good response regarding the training given at the gym.  Students get to learn a variety of fighting styles that cover all areas of combat, giving Shaheen MMA students a more versatile fighting approach than is available in other Martial Arts clubs in Lahore. A focus on live training and drilling speeds up the learning process and locks in the techniques presented into the students muscle memory making it a natural reaction to use a technique in a given situation be it in the ring or on the street.

After Ramadan, Shaheen MMA Academy will begin expanding it’s classes to include a beginners class in which new students will learn the fundamental techniques required to join the regular classes. This new beginners class will best prepare new students to easily transition into training with more experienced Mixed Martial Artists.

Another addition is the scheduling of a permanent full time Junior Shaheen MMA class. Shaheen Mixed Martial Arts held a three month summer camp that turned out to be a huge success, with parents calling for a permanent class for their kids. Junior Shaheen MMA students learn the same skills as the adult classes but a in a full, cheerful environment more suited towards children with a stronger emphasis on character building and personal discipline.

And finally Shaheen MMA Academy will be holding weekly street self defense classes that will confront some of the current threats that Pakistani’s today face such as robbery, terrorism and kidnapping. The self defense classes are a month long after which participants will be certified in basic street self defense. These classes are to be held every Saturday from 1-3 pm and will start after Ramadan.

Shaheen MMA Academy has already a number of competition and will continue to do so in the future. These are small competitions designed to give Shaheen MMA students real time experience in MMA competition without the pressure of a large event.

For more information on Shaheen MMA Academy, please visit the website or call 0334 413 7706.

An update – Shaheen MMA Academy is now Synergy Fitness Club home of Team Shaheen. Synegy Fitness is bigger and better than Shaheen with more programs and more focus on fitness and casual learners of MMA and martial arts. For more information please check out Synergy Fitness in Lahore




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