Health Benefits of Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a subset of martial arts from Thailand commonly known as Muay Thai, an art practiced for centuries. Kickboxing got attention in the west when martial arts became popular among villains in western movies. After gaining popularity in the west, kick boxing produced similar styles in Sub Continent region, ranging from combat to a cardio-focused workout. Kickboxing finds its origins in Karate and is a martial art technique that involves controlled kicking and punching movements typically delivered from a standing position. Many people from around the globe practice kickboxing as a full-contact competitive sport, whilst others use it to promote overall fitness or to learn self defence. Irrespective of one’s motive to learn kickboxing, this active form of exercise has the ability to benefit your health in numerous invaluable ways.

In Pakistan, if someone needs to compete in kickboxing tournaments or just to learn it as a self defence, “Synergy MMA Academy” in DHA Lahore is the best place to acquire this skill and achieve your goals. Kickboxing is taught by “Mr. Bashir Ahmed”, the pioneer of Mixed Martial Marts in Pakistan who has fought Muay Thai professionally in Thailand and is ranked third in Muay Thai by the Global Combat Alliance based in the Eastern United States.

Kick boxing course in DHA Lahore at Synergy teaches physical exercises that include repeated bursts of movement, which promotes heart health by providing a cardiovascular workout. The arms and legs rapid movements that make up the crux of kickboxing enables the heart to pump blood in a more efficient manner, especially when done during constant punch and kick routines that stretch for 30 minutes or longer.

Synergy also offers kickboxing for weight loss, the course which is tailored to enhance physical activity that burns fat, tones and builds muscle resulting in significant weight loss. Depending upon the kickboxing course that you choose, you can burn as many calories per hour with this sport as you would by jogging or brisk walking, however with much more enthusiasm and excitement.

Along with weight loss, Synergy offers kickboxing for women in DHA Lahore through which women can increase their body’s flexibility, tone their legs and thighs, and get rid of unnecessary fat. Most people lose flexibility and coordination as a natural part of the ageing process, which is further exacerbated due to inactivity, but kickboxing can help to combat this loss of agility. Performing basic kickboxing moves at Synergy requires you to twist your body and deliver far-reaching, elevated kicks, which provides key flexibility training for your body.

Kick boxing for ladies in DHA Lahore offers courses that allow participants to practice stress relieving exercises. It enhances your self confidence by making you feel good about your physical fitness and strength. The course is a perfect choice to take a break from the daily routines of the life such as demanding work at job or performing daily household chores. Thus by shooting kicks and throwing focussed punches, one is not just improving his overall health condition but is also refreshing itself for the next day by sweating out the daily stress.

DHA Lahore Kickboxing is a one place that promotes health and fitness; offers stress relieving exercises; teaches self defence exercises and ensures freshness of body and mind.



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