Pak Fight Club Contenders 4 Preview

This Friday, get ready for Pak Fight Club Contenders 4. The Contender series for Pak Fight Club is a try out for fighters who wish to compete in the main Pak Fight Club events. This contender series however, we are seeing a bit of change as we have some PFC Main Card veterans also competing on the same card. This is looking to be the most stacked PFC Contender card we have had so far, although it might be because of the development of the MMA scene, we now have a number of name fighters competing on the Pakistani circuit. However, for those who might not be that familiar with the fighters on the local scene, PAKMMA brings you a breakdown of this night’s fight card. Next to each fighter you will see the initial applications of the PAKMMA fighter ranking and development system, which we hope to further utilize over the next year.


Novice – Less than 3 grappling matches and 3 striking Matches

Junior – No MMA matches wearing shin pads and safety gloves

Amateur – Less than 3 MMA matches with no elbows and knees to the face with 3-minute rounds Professional – Licensed Fighter under PAKMMA. PAKMMA fighter is then eligible to compete in domestic and international professional MMA bouts. N/A – Fighter has not yet been identified and ranked by the PAKMMA Ranking and Development Database.

For more information regarding the Ranking and Development System please CLICK HERE.

M. Ali (Pakido) AMATEUR Fighter vs. Jamil (TDS) AMATEUR

Osama Khan (3G MMA) NOVICE vs Muhammad Imran (Pakido) PRO

Saddam Baig (TFF) NOVICE vs. Ahmed (3G MMA) NOVICE

Hafiz Abid (Independent) NOVICE vs Awais Raja (Synergy) AMATEUR

Abdul Rehman (Pakido) NOVICE vs Alamgeer Khan (TDS) NOVICE

Sarim Rahim (Synergy) AMATEUR vs Shahid Siddique (3G MMA) AMATEUR

Ali Usmani (3G MMA) NOVICE vs. Shahbaz Gujjar (TFF) JUNIOR

Jabran Javed (Independent) NOVICE vs Arsalan Mirza (Pakido) JUNIOR Ahmed Bilal (3G MMA) NOVICE vs Nabeel “Chocolate Thunder” Hussain (Independent) JUNIOR

Afnan Iftikhar (Synergy) PRO vs Ovais Shah (3G MMA) PRO

In the main event we have two pro fighters competing. Afnan Iftikhar (2-1-1), a coach from Synergy MMA takes on another coach in Ovais Shah (2-1) from 3G in Karachi. Both fighters are well rounded but with Afnan perhaps having the grappling advantage and Ovais Shah having the striking advantage. Don’t expect this one to go to the judges and expect a KO or TKO coming via either fighter.

Other notable match ups are Jamil Jamil, a student of Master Chen and fighting out of TDS going up against M. Ali from Pakido, M. Ali last fought in 2010 and has been absent from the scene while Jamil Jamil has been quite active last winning via KO at “VCL Underground 3”. This is a match up of a sharper more active fighter against a veteran of the sport and strong grappler who has been out of competition for quite some time.

Another interesting match up is of Sarim Rahim vs Shahid Siddique. Sarim has been quite active lately and is as of yet undefeated in MMA competition. Shahid Siddique has not been as active due to being in Karachi where there is a less active scene but it is interesting to note that Shahid Siddique fought on the first ever MMA competition in Pakistan, held in Model Town on February 28th 2010.

Overall it looks like an exciting night of fights. This is the first time the ranking systems is being used and bear with us as each fighters designations may not be fully accurate just yet, but we are working on this and with time and development the rankings system will accurately portray each fighters skill level and experience. See you at PFC CONTENDERS 4 on June 28th!!



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