Part 1 of the Referee and Judging course

On the 10th of July 2011, Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan organized and conducted Part 1 of the first ever MMA refereeing and judging course in Pakistan. The course took place in Lahore, at Shaheen MMA Academy and Elite Fitness, a handful of people participated and were explained the rules of MMA , how to enforce these rules as the referee of the match, how to ensure the safety of both fighters as a referee and how to properly judge and score a match.

Part 1 was basically the theory section of the course, which consisted of the organizers explaining the rules of the sport along with some live examples to the participants. The course simply started off by explaining to everyone, “What is Mixed Martial Arts?”, how it came into being, what it is today and how fast the sport is spreading and growing all across the world, including places like India, China, Iran etc. Secondly, the participants were told what the duties of the referee were, what was under their jurisdiction, how and who to communicate with, what to check for, etc. After that, came the list of fouls, how to judge if they were accidental or intentional, when to warn, when to deduct a point, how many points should be deducted, when to give a disqualification or a TKO and when to tell if a fighter can continue or not. After this the final topic of refereeing for the day were, when to stop the fight, when NOT to stop a fight, how to check a fighter who is in a submission and is showing signs of unconsciousness, when to give TKOs, KOs and tap outs. The referee course ended with a questionnaire session, in which the participants could ask any questions they wanted regarding the course and refereeing, and many of them had very good and technical questions about some specific scenarios and moments during fights. This ended the refereeing section for the day, then on towards the judging section, in which the participants were first shown a basic template of the scoring card, how to score a round considering factors such as “Effective Striking”, “Effective Grappling” and “Cage Control”, when to score it 10-9, 10-8 or 10-7, note down any point deductions made by the referee, the time at which the fight is stopped and other related information.

With that, the first part of the Juding and Refereeing course for MMA organized by Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan came to an end. The second part, consisting of the practical application of the course and the certifications of the successful participants will be held on the 30th of July 2011, at the tryouts for Pak Fight Club 2.




  • <cite class="fn">Master Chen</cite>

    Great to know. Hope to see the judges and referee at the Try Outs.

  • <cite class="fn">Ali</cite>

    Where can I find information on upcoming fights/ tournaments in or outside Pakistan? The ‘Upcoming Event’s tab doesn’t show.
    I am currently living overseas, very interested in joining Pakistan Muay Thai tournaments, or representing Pakistan overseas.
    Have trained under Kru Jak Othman (Malaysia) and also Ismail Radwan(Egypt)..and also a muay thai trainer at Kru Jak’s studio.

    Real good to see such organisations in Pakistan gaining an audience.

  • <cite class="fn">abmj</cite>


    Is there any Good MMA academy Located in Karachi

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