Update on Pak Fight Club Tryouts

PAKMMA Fans we have a new update from Pak Fight Club regarding the upcoming tryouts. Please read and spread the word.

Tryouts are confirmed for July 30th. All those who wish to participate must show up at Shaheen MMA Academy at 1 pm to register and get weighed. From there all fighters will be shuttled to the venue within DHA. (Sorry but we cannot announce the venue until advertisements are out, but it WILL be close to Shaheen MMA Academy in DHA)

PRE-REGISTRATION AND ADVANCE WEIGH IN will take place from 3 pm – 6 pm onwards on JULY 29th at Shaheen MMA Academy DHA.

Registration fees for fighters of past PFC and from clubs are 250 rupees. Independent fighters who are coming to test their mettle will have to pay a 1,000 rupee registration fee UNLESS THEY PRE-REGISTER, in which case it will be 500 RS.

EVERYONE MUST TAKE PART IN TRYOUTS. If you fought in the past PFC you still must take part in the try out. Everyone no matter what their past accomplishments or skill level must take part in the tryouts to be considered for PFC. No one is getting a free ride. This is information coming directly from the promotion itself. PAKMMA cannot do anything to change this. All consideration for fighters will come from Pak Fight Club so it is highly advised you take part in the tryouts.

All participants will get a certificate of participation and will be featured individually on this website with biographical data. This is the beginning of your fighter profile that the entire MMA community of Pakistan and the world will see.

Everyone must fight at least once and can fight as many people as is in their weight division. Fighters from the same club DO NOT HAVE TO FIGHT EACH OTHER.

As PFC tryouts will determine not only who fights in PFC 2 but also the ranking of MMA fighters in the country, the point system is as follows.

1 point for fighting and losing

2 points for a draw (the fight does not get finished and completes the entire three rounds)

3 points for a finish

The more points a fighter has the higher the chance that they have to fight for the PFC title in their respective weight class.

This is all the information we have now. Information will be updated as we get it.

For any questions DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL – 0334 413 7706




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