Referee and Judging Course and Tryout Info

Update and important information regarding some upcoming events.

On July 10th PAKMMA will be conducting the first of a TWO PART Referee and Judges Course. The first part will be taking place on July 10th at Shaheen MMA Academy, course time is 12 pm. Course is free of cost, and will last from one to two hours.

The second part of the course will take place on July 30th during the Pak Fight Club tryouts. This portion of the course will focus on practical application of lessons learned in part one where course participants will actually get in the cage and practice what they have learned in a live environment.

The course will cover the basic rules of MMA, what is allowed what is not allowed, including all fouls. Participants will be familiarized with the history of the sport, the evolution, and will be introduced to the unified rules.  They will learn what the refs job is, when to stop fights, how to conduct themselves and how to push the action in an appropriate manner.

The judging course will familiarize participants with the first official PAKMMA score card. They will be familiarized with the 10 point must system and unified rules. They will learn what to look for in striking, wrestling and grappling.

They will be shown videos of MMA to serve examples of how to ref and how to judge. Including bad judges decisions, bad stoppages as well as clear cut decisions and good stoppages by the ref.

If you are interested in signing up and getting a chance to get into the cage to view the action close up and not come out with any bruises, please call 0334 413 7706 to book a spot. There is a maximum of 8 participants in this course.

The Pak Fight Club tryouts are to be on 30th July in Lahore, at a yet to be disclosed location and a yet to be determined time, however due to weather most likely the event will begin in the late afternoon. Event location is most likely in DHA area, but please check back for confirmation.

Info regarding the tryouts. These tryouts are to determine who will get a spot on Pak Fight Club II. Fighters who fought on Pak Fight Club do no not need to try out however, these tryouts are to have two uses.

One, to determine who is elgibile to fight in Pak Fight Club.

Two, to help determine ranking for each weight class in Pak Fight Club.  So, even if one has fought in a previous PFC, a tryout fight will win or lose, push the fighter up the rankings and into title contention.


Based on number of applicants fights will be one each or if a large enough pool is available, each fighter will fight each other fighter in their weight class. This IS NOT A TOURNAMENT. For example if the 155 lb weight class has 5 fighters competing, each fighter will have 4 opponents.  However, if fighters are coming from the same camp there is no obligation to fight. Everyone must have minimum one fight.

There will be no fight purse, however a certificate will be issued which will verify that the person has competed in the tryout. Fighters who participate and have not fought in a PFC will also be given a PAK FIGHT CLUB t-shirt.

Fights will be listed as a draw if there is no finish, although there will be judges. Their decision will be NON BINDING and will NOT BE RECORDED as a win or loss, but as a draw regardless of the judges decision. This is because all judges will be new and will not be seasoned enough to give a binding decision.

Fighters will get a chance to fight on Pak Fight Club based on their performance. Obviously winning is the best shot to get a chance to fight on Pakistan’s premier stage of warriorship. However, fighters who put on a good fight and show heart will also be considered for a slot in PFC II win or lose. On the flip side, winning against terrible opponents and just sliding by in each fight may not guarantee you a shot. Bottom line, Pak Fight Club is looking for talented and exciting fighters. Not just guys who can cruise by on beating up cans.

Pak Fight Club is a Three Beards Promotions event and is the first professional fighting event in Pakistan. You can view their website at and check out clips from the first Pak Fight Club at

More updates and details to be released in the coming weeks. GET READY!!



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