CM Punk signs with UFC, MMA fight set for 2015

WWE wrestler, Phil Brooks, better known by his name CM PUNK has signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is set to make his first cage fight in 2015. However, his opponent is not been announced, nor his weight class and training camp.

CM Punk is the second famous WWE wrestler to make his appearance int he Octagon, the other being none other than Brock Lesnar who was at one time the heavy-weight champion of the UFC and considered the “Baddest Man on the Planet.”

CM Punk is 36 years old and although he has trained in BJJ with Rener Gracie and has been a long time fan of the sport he does not have any high level MMA experience. He says he wants to do this because it is a dream of his and his time is running out.

This was announced at UFC 181 and CM Punk made this video for you fans out there –

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